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May 2013

René Suchan


Focused on brand development, corporate and packaging design. Special skills include illustrating, structural design for packagings, 3D visualizations and animations.

The mastermind of Freigeister started in the 1990ies as a digital adventurer with the very first web projects ever and designing human interfaces for experimental and pioneer projects for both touch-screen based POI and POS systems as well as offline media. He refocused in the second millennium to his origin and successfully accomplished a bunch of several brand-related projects for brand leaders like Eskimo, IBM, Levis, Lipton, Marks & Spencer, MSD, VELUX (to name a few) in the fields of brand development and activation, corporate and packaging design. Today he is one of the hottest designers for corporate and packaging designs available in the european region. Due to his experience, his unbroken motto in mind and his recklessness to new technology, he still sticks to ‘Anything is possible’.

In his sparse leisure time he enjoys playing drums, mountain-biking, longboarding, snowboarding, wind- and kite-surfing, scuba-diving on remote, unexplored reefs while taking breath-taking photos underwater, and having a good time with his teenage daughters.

Focus: Brand development, corporate and packaging design

Special skills: Illustration, corporate and packaging design, 3D visualiziation and animation

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